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Breakfast Platter - Breakfast

Breakfast Platter Choices


Create your morning!! Or at least Create your breakfast platter!!

Egg Style:Over Light ( Whites Runny) Over Medium (Whites Done) Over Well ( Done Throughout) Scrambled Sunny Side Up Scrambled with Cheese +$0.25
Platter Protein Choice:Turkey Bacon Turkey Sausage Lamb Slices
Platter Side Choice:Hashbrowns Grits Tomato Slices Cheese Grits ( America Cheese) +$0.25
Add Some Stuff!!:Onions +$0.25Peppers +$0.25Mushrooms +$0.25Avocado +$0.25Tomatoes +$0.25Cheddar Cheese +$0.25American Cheese +$0.25Swiss Cheese +$0.25Pepper Jack Cheese +$0.25
Platter Side Choice 2:Happy Cakes Toast French Toast

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